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A magazine for herpers in Canada and everywhere!

It’s been a while since we Canadians had our own herpetoculture magazine. Our hobby is growing, and it’s the perfect time to spread the word!

My goal is to produce a publication that will appeal to both the novice and advanced reptile and amphibian enthusiast. General care articles will be included as well as more in-depth topics from experienced breeders and researchers. 

Canadian Reptile Hobbyist is being edited and designed by myself with help from my wife, Deanna Ryan-Meister and a team of experienced authors. As owner of MeisterWorks Graphic Design, I have over 25 years experience in the publications industry. The first issue has been well received and is available from vendors across Canada and here on our online store.  

Check us out on facebook at @CanadianReptileHobbyist